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Do Good, Better

Business & Nonprofit management consulting


With over 15 years of experience in the nonprofit sector as a volunteer, intern, director, and advisory board member, Laurie has built a reputation as the epitome of a strategic partner who brings people together to achieve results that drive organizational growth. Her biggest passion is helping organizations be better at doing good. Her specialties include program development and evaluation, employee engagement, operations, and events (both virtual and in-person).

Laurie has spent years studying the mechanics of successful organizations and holds a Master of Arts degree in Nonprofit Management from Antioch University, Los Angeles. Her experience includes being a leader at some of Los Angeles’ top nonprofits. She has developed curriculum for and successfully started multiple new programs, launched new social enterprise business lines and is well versed in the area of corporate social responsibility having led activations for Fortune 500 companies.

Laurie’s core values are integrity, innovation, inclusion, and initiative. She believes that true and lasting social change lives at the intersection of collaboration, innovation, and cross-sector action.

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Rob and their son, Ren. When Laurie isn’t helping organizations be better at doing good, she can be found cooking, (re)reading Brene Brown’s books, listening to her favorite podcasts, and exploring nature with her family.

Laurie Olague



Survey Administration
Specialized Plan/Response tailored to your organization's needs.

Quantitative and/or Qualitative Evaluation
Participant Survey Administration
Focus Groups
Data Analysis and Summarization
Ongoing plan for evaluation and success metrics

Mindfulness in the Workplace
Program Design and Evaluation
Employee Engagement
Strategy / Strategic Thinking
Leadership Development for Managers (Self-awareness, Leading through Change, Leading with Vision and Purpose)

Plan Development
Volunteer Events Planning & Coordination
Metrics and Evaluation
Internal and External Campaigns and Strategy



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